Sunday, April 25, 2010

KingCast tells legislative loser and waste product Martha McLeod: I will sue your ass for Defamation. Wait for it.

Miss Martha, you published the following comment to third parties:

"I was personally subjected to threats of physical and sexual violence by members of this community and their supporters, like Chris King, the last time this bill was debated."

Sexual violence, what about Bruce McKay and his Penis-shaped knife and the 10 page complaint from Ms. B (see item 13) that Chief Montminy and Selectmen ignored. Was your hubby a Selectman then? Was he a Selectman when Angela McKay filed for that Restraining Order? Did you try to help her?

You are a deceitful, despicable legislator and I will sue you for Defamation. You put up or shut up. If you had any such threats from me you would have come after me like your idiot friend Kelly Ayotte, who tried and FAILED.

Also you told a lie about State Rep Gionet, maybe he'll sue your ass too.

That's all you need to know right now, I will publish the full text of your tirade later. I don't know who you think you're [expletive deleted] with, but you are one Bad Apple, a rotten pig, and we're not the two and I'm not the one. You're all pissed-off because I called your hubby on the mat in the Jig is Up post.

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Christopher King said...

Sent: Tuesday, April 6, 2010 6:28:54 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: your vote today

I feel that I have to address the report of your vote today in the Public Works Committee today to recommend ITL on the bill to honor our town’s police officer for his death in the line of duty. It is disappointing that not even one of you has the decency to support the family of the police officer by providing public support for their request. I think that these actions deserve explanation and justification.

How many of you ever read the AG’s report on this incident? I have read it completely and found no justification for the appalling leadership from this committee chair that led to today’s vote. It was clear from the report that the young man intended to kill a police officer-Bruce McKay just happened to be the first one he encountered. A state police officer was named as a more likely target in the report.

In my view, the youth in my community and in the State will see this as a support for violence and murder as a solution to the everyday challenges of being stopped for a motor vehicle violation. However you might justify your actions today, it is incomprehensible to me that you would choose to take action that will be seen as supporting a murderer’s views over that of those we hire to enforce our laws. But, most of all, that your actions would lack the same compassion for human life that the young man who violently killed the police officer expressed with his actions.

Liko Kenny clearly had mental health and substance abuse problems-this is well documented. Problems that were not dealt with by his family and friends and behaviors that were encouraged by some of our locals, those that hang out at the Village Store for example, who see goading the local impressionable youth in anti-social behavior as fun and something to do during the long days in a small rural town. Many of these people expressed some guilt after Liko killed Officer McKay for their behavior and the part they played. They knew he had problems and did nothing to get him the mental health help he needed or to warn those he targeted. But, many hid their guilt behind made up stories about Bruce McKay, stories that have no documentation. How cowardly of them.

I asked my State Representative, Kathy Taylor to request that this bill be vacated to a committee with a chair that was not hostile to this family and this town and would give it an unbiased hearing. I saw that hostility from the Chair first hand as the former State Representative for Franconia when I introduced a similar bill. But, this bill was not vacated and the family was treated with the same lack of respect and lack of compassion. I was personally subjected to threats of physical and sexual violence by members of this community and their supporters, like Chris King, the last time this bill was debated. Those are the type of people your actions support-the criminals in our community. The Speaker of the House and I were sued by these people in an attempt to get emails from supporters so this group could harass more people in my community. Then there are those on your committee who have a conflict of interest, Rep. Gionet who was stopped by Corporal McKay and tried unsuccessfully to get the ticket fixed and Rep Chandler who is a good friend of the Kenney family.

The law abiding people in our community deserve an explanation for your votes today besides the 93-73 vote-we all know how easy it is to stack a town meeting. But, to stop a group of people who want to honor an officer who was killed in the line of duty is cruel and inhumane treatment of law enforcement and the family. We deserve an explanation for this committee’s support of murder and violence as a solution-because that is how it will be interpreted in the papers and in the history books. It was truly outrageous behavior today.

Martha McLeod

Christopher King said...

Christopher King
to mmcleod, dsimmons, aholmes, nfrank, jdraper, aallin, agoyette, bthompson, dgibbs, dbrown, ebelanger, gnellson, kmcosham, vherres, bdemers

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from Christopher King
date Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 8:48 AM
subject Martha McCleod should be fired for using company emails to defame State Rep. Gionet and Christopher King, J.D.

Look here Ms. Martha:

I'm am going to extract every ounce of legal remedy against you I can find. I will not tolerate your ignorant, libelous rants now will State Rep Gionet.

You stepped in it this time, and you're dragging the North Country Health Consortium down with you by using their email.

You got away with not divulging your emails to me on a prior occasion, but this time you're going down.


I might suggest you avail yourself of some of the mental health offerings the Consortium has to offer.

Christopher King, J.D.