Tuesday, April 28, 2009

KingCast presents Jerry Brown: The Attorney General that Kelly Ayotte never will be.

State attorney general seeks reform of Maywood police.

3:26 PM | April 28, 2009
After a 16-month investigation that revealed “gross misconduct and widespread abuse” at the Maywood Police Department, state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown today announced that he would seek a court order to impose reforms on the troubled force.
His comments coincided with the release of a 30-page report that detailed the findings of the investigation into the tiny department, which polices the densely populated square-mile city south of Los Angeles.
“The badge and the gun — they’re power. And that power has to be exercised with restraint under the law,” Brown said at a news conference. “In Maywood, this wasn’t the case.”

A veteran policing expert who oversaw the attorney general’s probe called Maywood “one of the worst” departments he had ever seen. The attorney general's office launched its investigation in April 2007, shortly after The Times published an article calling the department “a haven for misfit cops.” The article revealed that at least a third of the officers on what was then a 37-member force had either been forced out of previous police jobs or had had brushes with the law while working in Maywood. Mheh..... sounds just like...... New Hampshire!!!!

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Remember in Boston that they are reviewing five (5) distinct cases of police abuse, but in New Hampshire Kelly Ayotte and her minions act as if police abuse never occurs, and even come after people -- including Yours Truly -- when we point it out.

To hell with her and people who respect her, lead her, coach her and engage in her nefarious ways. Under her administration they even cancel Right to Know Commission hearings and fail to issue required annual reports pursuant to Statute. As a former Assistant Attorney General myself, I am appalled at her (in)actions.

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