Friday, March 27, 2009

KingCast to NH AG Kelly Ayotte: Quit screwing around and give me the Concord credit union cop-on-cop shooting file right now.

Hey Kelly, here are two white men with files I need, but could just never get. The first is your idiot friend and fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn, who held a secret file on me like Hoover did my namesake. The second is David Gray, featured in this post.

You see Kelly, while you're busy giving me the stall game on the cop-on-cop shooting, I've already spoken with Mr. Gray, who testified at your confirmation hearing. He told me y'all gave him the file already, so what you're going to do -- TODAY -- is mail me a letter telling me that the report is available and giving me the cost. I of course know what the cost should be, but I'm not telling you that, I want to make sure you give me the same thing you gave him, got it? I also know pretty much what the report says, which is pretty much NOTHING.

See this is the second time your office has treated me differently than others requesting the same information. The day when you passed out the official report on your bogus Franconia investigative files you emailed all the other members of the media as to what time to come and retrieve them but you failed to notify me.

I know, probably just an oversight both times.

That's why you'll have no problem correcting things today.

Have a nice weekend.

Christopher King, J.D.

PS: You're still getting away with not producing the Michael Paulhus file, even though that case has long been settled and "investigated" and we all know that various LE improperly shot the man and then destroyed material evidence. I'll get that file from you too, eventually. Why you act this way, is beyond me and it is sickening.

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