Tuesday, March 3, 2009

KingCast asks, will NH State Rep's HB 690 Cold Case Unit help prevent another book like "Bad Blood" from having to be written?

When I started "Visit New Hampshire and Die" blog some wankers told (or tried to tell me) it had no purpose and was mean-spirited. When I persisted that the Maura Murray and Brianna Maitland disappearances needed more attention some wankers told, (or tried to tell me) I had no purpose and was being mean-spirited. When I continue to discuss the fact that former LE Dick Dow 99% sure murdered his wife and adoptive son because SAABs don't explode like that, the same bloody wankers told (or tried to tell me) that I had no purpose and was being mean spirited.

Well you wankers can divert your attention away from me and toward State Representative Peyton Hinkle, who now proposes a Cold Case Unit for New Hampshire. I won't be able to testify today but if I did I would have obtained my audio transcript as I will from the recalcitrant Senator Robert Letourneau, as I gleefully and derisively noted yesterday. Hopefully they can use another AG, somebody who really means business, as opposed to that pro-bad-cop shill Kelly Ayotte, as noted in yesterday's post about Casey Sherman's upcoming book, Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains. Anyway, moments after each of these pictures of 3 of my 7 SAABs was taken, I leaned back on the cars and guess what? None of them exploded. But just in case, I went back to BMW anyway LOL.

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