Saturday, March 21, 2009

KingCast 1998 and 2009, spot the difference. Still rampant police abuse.

Seriously, this fucking guy pulls me over and I gather my license and registration for him and politely ask him:

"Is there a problem officer?"

Whereby he then says to me, he says:

"Is there a problem why you nailed your accelerator to the floor as fast as you could,"

"I wasn't aware that I exceeded the speed limit, officer do you have any proof of that?"

"I'll show you a lesson about how fast you can go."


Whereupon (like, 20 minutes later after he scrubs my nigga' license for the neo-Bavaria and it comes up clean, duh) I take receipt of a ticket that says I went 45 in a 30 -- right off of I-93 mind you, with no specific street addy -- and he says to me, he says "If you wanna try me on this you have to file an appeal within blah blah blah.... I'm a dick.... blah blah blah...."

Fine dude, you're on. Bring your f*cking paperwork, LOL I will kick your ass as per my usual. Rookie.

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