Saturday, March 28, 2009

KingCast wins again: Piss on your Death Penalty, Kelly Ayotte : )

Yah, Kelly you tried to murder a murderer but it just won't work for you. Too bad you didn't have another psycho killer like Gregory Willis Floyd on the loose to effect that sua sponte sorta' Death Penalty, as he played judge, jury and executioner of Liko Peter Kenney.

Last year the vote was 185-173, this year it was 193-174 for the Good Guys. Congrats to Renny Cushing and NH State Rep Paul McEachern.

To my detractors: Y'all need to go back to the lab again and cook up something else with your meth-head fantasies about me being all upset, or wrong, or whatever you are trying to say because I told y'all my position would be vindicated on Floyd and the Death Penalty in New Hampshire; I'm batting 1000 pct. this year.

PS: Well not exactly 1000 --- Kelly, you still owe me the damn Concord Shooting investigative files that you have produced for David Gray. I bet they had better be on the way or you can get ramped up for another RSA 91-A case, this time the court will have no choice but to give me the victory. Kelly Ayotte, you are the worst AG on Earth.

Friday, March 27, 2009

KingCast to NH AG Kelly Ayotte: Quit screwing around and give me the Concord credit union cop-on-cop shooting file right now.

Hey Kelly, here are two white men with files I need, but could just never get. The first is your idiot friend and fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn, who held a secret file on me like Hoover did my namesake. The second is David Gray, featured in this post.

You see Kelly, while you're busy giving me the stall game on the cop-on-cop shooting, I've already spoken with Mr. Gray, who testified at your confirmation hearing. He told me y'all gave him the file already, so what you're going to do -- TODAY -- is mail me a letter telling me that the report is available and giving me the cost. I of course know what the cost should be, but I'm not telling you that, I want to make sure you give me the same thing you gave him, got it? I also know pretty much what the report says, which is pretty much NOTHING.

See this is the second time your office has treated me differently than others requesting the same information. The day when you passed out the official report on your bogus Franconia investigative files you emailed all the other members of the media as to what time to come and retrieve them but you failed to notify me.

I know, probably just an oversight both times.

That's why you'll have no problem correcting things today.

Have a nice weekend.

Christopher King, J.D.

PS: You're still getting away with not producing the Michael Paulhus file, even though that case has long been settled and "investigated" and we all know that various LE improperly shot the man and then destroyed material evidence. I'll get that file from you too, eventually. Why you act this way, is beyond me and it is sickening.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

NH AG Kelly Ayotte turns her back on the public; talking heads never sounded so good.

Being a manager I of course had to work all day (well, duh) so I had my affiliates handle things when I can't be around. Today at NH AG Kelly Ayotte's confirmation hearing KingCast affiliate Mickey deRham spoke and provided a special little KingCast message seen in the comments section, and pass some printed blog posts one, on Right to Know RSA 91-A and two, on her intentionally botched, cover up, feckless "investigation" into the Franconia shooting tragedy that left Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay dead, and her "hero" Gregory Floyd on the loose.... at least for a little while. Now he is properly in prison as I predicted.

When Mickey was finished, a gentleman named David Gray, who also knows Kelly Ayotte to be a feckless yet dangerous Attorney General, offered his comments. Mr. Gray has some definite ideas about the real reason Peter Heed played the role of Patsy and Kelly was anointed the High Post. More on that after I review that file in his hands.

Talking Heads, you gotta' love 'em. Some other Talking Heads will sound extra good in the Bavaria tomorrow when I get my new system installed. I wanted to go with the Nakamichi CD 400 head unit, but in the end it is too fragile and no support in the U.S.
1. Alpine CDE 102. Kenwood KDC 742U with Sirrus and Bluetooth!
2. Alpine KTP-445 power pack.
3. Polk Audio db 461p 4 x 6 fronts. Polk Audio Momo 4 x 6.
4. Polk Audio db 571 5 x 7 rears. Kicker 4 x 6 KS460 -- niggardly speaker space on old BMWs without cutting back shelf :(
5. Fusion 12" active enclosure subwoofer, 360 watts.

This will provide a nice, well-balanced sound with the option of an additional small 50-100w amp to go to the cabin if or when I see fit, perhaps with another set of thin coaxials in the rear doors. Polk audio is a lot like KingCast. Sheer performance, no bullshit, just crisp sound all the way around. I had some Polk fronts, Pioneer slimline triax in the doors and MB Quart rears in one of my SAABs (you can barely make out the MB Quart sticker across from the Michelin Man) but this time I decided to go full Polk. It's All Good.

OMFG this rocks!!!! Got some Urge Overkill crankin'.... Happy Birthday to me :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

KingCast 1998 and 2009, spot the difference. Still rampant police abuse.

Seriously, this fucking guy pulls me over and I gather my license and registration for him and politely ask him:

"Is there a problem officer?"

Whereby he then says to me, he says:

"Is there a problem why you nailed your accelerator to the floor as fast as you could,"

"I wasn't aware that I exceeded the speed limit, officer do you have any proof of that?"

"I'll show you a lesson about how fast you can go."


Whereupon (like, 20 minutes later after he scrubs my nigga' license for the neo-Bavaria and it comes up clean, duh) I take receipt of a ticket that says I went 45 in a 30 -- right off of I-93 mind you, with no specific street addy -- and he says to me, he says "If you wanna try me on this you have to file an appeal within blah blah blah.... I'm a dick.... blah blah blah...."

Fine dude, you're on. Bring your f*cking paperwork, LOL I will kick your ass as per my usual. Rookie.

KingCast presents: SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway audio and Kelly Ayotte RSA 91-A roundup: The Oversight Commission meeting of 20 March 2009 was CANCELED.

This is going to be a fun post leading to Kelly Ayotte's confirmation hearing of 25 March, 2009:

SB 154 Audio: Should be uploaded by Tuesday. I addressed the committee from 14:10 to 23:19 and was the consummate professional despite being repeatedly interrupted and Chair Senator Letourneau denied me the audio until I wrote this: Press the Eject and Give me the Tape.

RSA 91-A Right-to-Know Oversight Commission: Meeting of 20 March 2009 was CANCELED. How do I know this? Because I have the damn posting from the door will scan later today.

This all fits together because in addition to being the worst AG on Civil Rights I've ever seen, Kelly Ayotte is the worst AG on Right-to-Know and Sunshine Law I've ever seen.

One: Never saw to it that a 2006 Meeting of the Oversight Commission ever happened. She finally admitted that to me.

Two: Ayotte stalling on production of report regarding Unconstitutional youth DNA reporting.

Three: Ayotte failed on Ethics Reporting as noted in the major press, even.

Four: Stalling on the investigation from the mysterious Concord Credit Union cop-on-cop shooting. Kelly I want my documents 90 days from 12 January -- when you completed your "investigation" not 90 days from 6 February when you decided to notify me. Jeezlouise.

Five: No records of phone calls that were made about Concord Police abuse.

All of this of course in addition to her general legacy:

Franconia, Liko Kenney
Nashua, Michael Paulhus
Nashua, Christopher King
Jaffrey, Aaron Deboisbriand
Dalton, Diane Lyon
Hooksett, Gerard Beloin
Statewide: Carey Carlberg/Trooper's mediation
Statewide: Boner on same-sex marriage
National: Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood (imploded on remand and Judge Di Clerico awarded attorney fees a coupla' weeks ago hahahahaha they kept that out of most major press but KingCast don't play that).

I'll be most interested to see what Boston Strangler investigative reporter Casey Sherman's upcoming book, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the North Country" has to say about Kelly Ayotte's "investigation" into the Franconia Shooting Tragedy. As I noted in the SB 154 audio Ayotte and Franconia both failed to even issue a report about the impropriety of the traffic stops on 5/11. And I've got another little surprise coming in the next month or so, too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

KingCast asks, will NH State Rep's HB 690 Cold Case Unit help prevent another book like "Bad Blood" from having to be written?

When I started "Visit New Hampshire and Die" blog some wankers told (or tried to tell me) it had no purpose and was mean-spirited. When I persisted that the Maura Murray and Brianna Maitland disappearances needed more attention some wankers told, (or tried to tell me) I had no purpose and was being mean-spirited. When I continue to discuss the fact that former LE Dick Dow 99% sure murdered his wife and adoptive son because SAABs don't explode like that, the same bloody wankers told (or tried to tell me) that I had no purpose and was being mean spirited.

Well you wankers can divert your attention away from me and toward State Representative Peyton Hinkle, who now proposes a Cold Case Unit for New Hampshire. I won't be able to testify today but if I did I would have obtained my audio transcript as I will from the recalcitrant Senator Robert Letourneau, as I gleefully and derisively noted yesterday. Hopefully they can use another AG, somebody who really means business, as opposed to that pro-bad-cop shill Kelly Ayotte, as noted in yesterday's post about Casey Sherman's upcoming book, Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains. Anyway, moments after each of these pictures of 3 of my 7 SAABs was taken, I leaned back on the cars and guess what? None of them exploded. But just in case, I went back to BMW anyway LOL.

Monday, March 2, 2009

KingCast announces Casey Sherman's "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" is now available for pre order at

Back in December provided this post because I knew Casey Sherman was nearing completion as Liko Kenney's parents, Davey and Michele, told me they and other family members had interviewed with him. So now "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" is available for pre-order. Quel coincidence that Mr. Sherman and I have mutual friends.

Watch Liko Kenney discuss philanthropy, martial arts and life in the North Country in this video, and a short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts," right here.

I'm sure Kelly Ayotte will be quick to snap up a copy; if only to read another independent voice asking a lot of the same questions I've been asking for the past 2 years. Look at her ongoing/legacy in general and her deviations from protocol in specific, when it comes to the Franconia shooting tragedy "investigation." What, no analysis of any of the clothing worn by Liko Kenney or Bruce McKay? Why not, because it would show that Gregory W. Floyd shot Liko Kenney from well outside the car and never spoke to him? You betcha.' Why not, because it would show that Gregory W. Floyd, and not Bruce McKay, fired the "overlooked" windshield bullet that was fired before Liko Kenney's car ever struck Bruce McKay? You betcha'. But Lynch will put her right back in office because "the police think the World of her." A former JAG Attorney does not.

Kelly and Jeff Strelzin painted themselves into a corner (see more) on the Deadly Force Protocol issue when matching the spent casings, but Grafton Superior Court Judge Timothy Vaughn was sure to let her off the hook for all of that and dismissed a lawsuit to find out more about this out of hand, no oral argument, no NOTHING, just "get the hell out of here, KingCast." It's All Good. We'll take that on to Washington DC and make it part of the Congressional Record.

KingCast rolls his RSA 91-A(4) eyes at Senator Robert Letourneau and says "Press the eject and give me the tape" on SB 154 public hearing.

Dear Senator Letourneau: Your staffer Jessica has been extremely courteous and professional with me, regarding your ill-conceived attempt to name another road after "rogue bully hiding behind his badge" Bruce McKay, which is much less than I can say about you and your deportment at last month's hearing. She is producing the written transcript for me but she and the clerk's office are telling me that there does not appear to be a way for me to obtain the actual audio tape recording of the hearing, in which you incessantly cut me off and attempted to truncate my First Amendment Rights.

At any rate, I hereby formally request an audio copy of our exchange, and of the entire meeting as it is clearly within the ambit of RSA 91-A(4):
II. After the completion of a meeting of a public body, every citizen, during the regular or business hours of such public body, and on the regular business premises of such public body, has the right to inspect all notes, materials, tapes, or other sources used for compiling the minutes of such meetings, and to make memoranda or abstracts or to copy such notes, materials, tapes, or sources inspected, except as otherwise prohibited by statute or RSA 91-A:5.

And believe me Sir, nothing would make me happier than to sue you over it, so no matter what you do -- give me the tape now or make me fight you for it -- you're making me happy, and that is indeed the role of a good public servant. Now go on ahead and make your move, son. Here's a little Bauhaus for you, to brighten your day as you admit defeat at the hands of the sanctimonious KingCaster! Now quit pulling my chain, press the eject and give me the tape. If I don't hear from you or Jessica by close of business, 6 March 2009 I'll hail you into court like it's nobody's business. I will not have you jacking around with the public trust, you got that? Good.

She's in Parties. That's a sweet bass line and guitar track isn't it, Sir? Jam on with KingCast.