Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NH AG Kelly Ayotte gives Fred Hoysradt -- another abusive, dangerous cop -- a get out of jail free pass.

Just as I've said, Kelly Ayotte is the Devil incarnate. Here's today's Union Leader story, you know the paper that gave her the "Citizen of the Year" award. What a joke. Visit New Hampshire.... and die!

PORTSMOUTH – Investigators initially pursued a handful of charges, including sexual assault, against a former police captain who allegedly attacked a reporter for The Portsmouth Herald before the state Attorney Generals Office settled on a deal for a single misdemeanor with no jail time, according to files released yesterday.

Fred Hoysradt, 47, of Barrington pleaded no contest this month to misdemeanor simple assault for an incident in the home of crime reporter Elizabeth Dinan in July 2008. He was fined $1,200.

A state police trooper who investigated the incident recommended five charges, including three misdemeanor simple assaults, one misdemeanor sexual assault and one misdemeanor criminal trespassing.
Small wonder you got kids like Liko Kenney scared shitless from these cops, and the more Kelly plays this game the more likely they are to die in the "line of duty" whatever that is. As a former AAG, I gotta say, she is the pits, the absolute worst AG on Civil Rights you will ever see.

Here is Kelly Ayotte's legacy, and here's the latest on the mentally handicapped children being abused under her watchful eye.

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