Sunday, June 29, 2008

NH AG Kelly Ayotte and former AAG Daniel Mullen congratulated for integrity and candor in office.

Dear Attorney Ayotte:

I am hardly one to be encouraging ANY more government databases because I know the depth of what our government is assembling on its citizens, but in the case of prescription drug abuse I must concur with you in reading today's Union Leader story. In fact, I noted as much just over one year ago in the datamining/Rush Limbaugh Oxycontin post on the fateful day of 5/11 in which one can see in the comments one of my readers notified me of the Franconia shooting tragedy involving Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd. I noted your salient observations in the comment section.

You did not fare so well on the gay marriage issue as your press release (in the comments) indicates but hey that's life, we win some and lose some.

Dear Attorney Mullen:

You may inform James DeHart over at the Supreme Court that I am forwarding this post to him as official withdrawal of my Ethics Complaint against you. Even though your admission does not inure to your clients' benefit, I got what I wanted, and what the Cause of Justice needed. Thank you for admitting:
"I was not aware of Attorney Watt's letter dated My 15, 2006 until I received a copy of the file that the Grafton County Attorney's Office produced to Mr. King."

Despite the fact that I had been asking your client for it for an entire year now and your 9 June 2008 court pleading said it was in Sarah's file all along -- but somehow not provided to me when they provided me other parts of her file months ago.

As I said in this post where I issue my final RSA 91-A request to you for all Franconia Citizen Police Complaint procedures 1997-2007:
"You threw them right under the bus where they belong and I will now withdraw my pending ethics complaint against you."

One last thing: Your client never produced any specific response to my request for information that showed Bruce McKay's Communications equipment was not properly functioning on 5/11 (read my request carefully) so by default we have no legal explanation as to why he was incommunicado for six (6) whole minutes as he violated Liko Kenney and Caleb Macaulay's Civil Rights and 7 town OC Spray and Pursuit policies, other than him being a bully as noted by his peers. But that of course, is not legal.

Note: That is Attorneys Ayotte and Mullen at the Supreme Court arguing Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, an unlawful First Amendment infringement. Read more. As to the other picture, well we all know who that hypocritical tool is =^.)