Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Ghost of Dow Murders continues to haunt NH AG Kelly Ayotte in her failed attempts to mediate the Highway Patrol/Trooper litigation; $1M lawsuit.

Here's today's Concord Monitor Story about the litigation.

Read this post about the NH Thin Blue Line on Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay/Gregory W. Floyd and the Dow Murders, in which a North Country LE almost certainly murdered his first wife and adoptive son.

Karen Saffian, owner of the Dow Murders website is a fundraiser for Sgt. Carey Carlberg Jr's litigation, a $1M lawsuit against NH AG Kelly Ayotte and others. She's also a pretty cool lady. Saffian, that is. I can't imagine what it was like to see the train wreck "investigation" of her former, likely murderous husband. The car in which Richard Dow's family was riding was smashed and the bodies burned within about one day after a cataclysmic fire that allegedly happened when their SAAB rolled down the slightest of embankments out near the Dow home 25 years ago here's a special anniversary post.

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Christopher King said...

On June 8, the New Hampshire Sunday News reported that Carlberg was now opposed to Ayotte serving as mediator. Carlberg was quoted in the article as saying he wanted an attorney experienced with mediation and trademark infringement and not someone "who employs state troopers as investigators."

Carlberg followed that interview by filing his own lawsuit against Ayotte, Judge McHugh, Barthelmes and Copponi in federal court. Carlberg is seeking at least $1 million for discrimination, wrongful demotion and violation of his rights to freedom of expression. His complaints are many.

Carlberg alleges that Barthelmes unfairly demoted him to sergeant from lieutenant in April 2006 even though he had received a favorable performance review in April 2007. Carlberg said during his state employment he has filed written complaints about alleged wrongdoing by colleagues, including Copponi, that have gone uninvestigated, according to his lawsuit.